Isthmus - It's the paper I write for, and the stuff I don’t write is also worth reading.

Eating in Madison A to Z - If you're dining in Madison, it's worth it to check A to Z before almost any other site. Great aggregators of blog and news content related to the Madison restaurant scene, and now published authors!

Eater - I occasionally contribute to this site, a paragon of the new food media landscape. Dang near unrivaled in its ability to jump on breaking food news and trends as they're breaking, if not before.

The Heavy Table (currently on indefinite hiatus) - A mostly-Twin Cities food publication with a great look, terrific photography, and honest, sometimes blunt writing. Not afraid to butt heads with local chefs. Enough Wisconsin content to keep even the most entrenched Madisonian happy. Also published! (I'm clearly behind trend here.)

Salt and Fat - If you ever needed a recipe involving small, oily fishes, this strikingly stylized blog could hook you up with a great one. Earnest and funny at once, S&F also had a great web app for all modern smartphones. Sadly, S&F appears to be fading into the mists of internet history.