My 2013 Wisconsin Film Festival

This year's iteration of the Wisconsin Film Festival -- its fifteenth -- ran from April 11 to April 18. It was a longer festival than in previous years, with no screenings east of the UW campus, and with a new regime in charge of film selection. These changes were met with...some consternation, particularly among longtime festival attendees.

Being relative WFF rookies, my wife and I didn't necessarily feel the changes with the same sting as some of our fellow moviegoers (though we definitely sympathize with those friends who were significantly and personally impacted by the festival's changes). And as we live as far from campus as you can while still living in Madison, we would have driven to our screenings regardless; we're the ideal car culture festival attendees.

his is not to say that the 2013 Fest wasn't well-attended. Sell-outs were common, and when folks no-showed, the rush tickets got snatched up fast. Kristine and I saw four films, and I saw a fifth with friends. My initial, one-tweet reviews were posted shortly after each screening, but here's a more detailed review of my 2013 Film Fest experience.

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