The Month of New in review - Week 4, and closing thoughts

Hey, everybody remember April? Feels like a hundred years ago, and yesterday. I scheduled the Month of New project for April hoping for the least disruption, the fewest moments of "Aw, man, we can't go and do [some awesome-sounding event or one-off dinner] because we've been there before!" -- and I think it was the right call. But it was still hard.

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The Month of New in review - Week 3

Well, I survived not having a Magic Coffee during the first outdoor farmers' market, and more importantly, I survived my wife not having one; she's very attached to Magic Coffee. We made our rounds of the Capitol Square, bought some veggies and cheese, and then jumped west of the Capitol and never looked back. All of this week's Month of New map pins are to the left of downtown.

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The Month of New in review - Week 1

There have been some slightly absurd discussions between me and my wife about how we're going to handle various peculiarities of the month of new. Does a pour from a big batch of Graze's Magic Coffee really have to count as a made-to-order menu item if grocery store ready-to-eat sandwiches made in big batches don't? What's the policy on out-of-town venues like the smelt fry at the North Bristol Sports Club, or Mikey's in Plover? Would going to a new place more than once this month violate the rule if we'd never been to it prior to this month?

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A series returns, and the end of @thebookpolice

I told you all on Twitter last month that I had some big changes coming. Well, they're only big if you really give, like, a huge shit about me. And who gives a bigger shit about me than me? No one that's who.

So here I am, on my own website, telling no one in particular that starting on Thanksgiving Day, @thebookpolice will be no more.*

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Old business/new business

Here we are at the end of another year, and changes are afoot behind the scenes at Irony or Mayo. There might even be a new look to the site in 2014, but I'm still hashing that out.

Starting in January, I'll be launching that roundup of Midwestern restaurant criticism I mentioned a while back. It'll run every week as a feature I'm calling Flyover Friday. (It'll run on Fridays, oddly enough.)

Before we get there, though, I'll have some closing out to do on 2013 items, including a little Kyle Ate Here action and my 2013 in review post.

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