The Month of New in review - Week 3

Well, I survived not having a Magic Coffee during the first outdoor farmers' market, and more importantly, I survived my wife not having one; she's very attached to Magic Coffee. We made our rounds of the Capitol Square, bought some veggies and cheese, and then jumped west of the Capitol and never looked back. All of this week's Month of New map pins are to the left of downtown.

Sometimes not too far to the left, though. We don't do a lot of dining on State Street -- this project could almost be completed with just State Street shops -- so a visit to 608 seemed natural for a light, burgery dinner. Indeed, it was burgery; I got the nacho burger with a broken and truly disappointing house-made nacho cheese sauce, and my wife built her own with bacon aioli and cheddar. The patties themselves were nice, but the bar has an overbright, weirdly un-lived in feel. Doesn't come off as a two year-old joint. We grabbed some chocolatey, pecanny, caramelly sweets at Kilwins before departing the area.

The rest of the week can be summed up in two words: SHOP and HOUSE (or HAUS, if you prefer). On that market Saturday, we had a late breakfast at The Froth House off of Regent Street. It's an old-school coffee shop, unpolished and wallpapered with art/concert/crafting flyers. The bacon egg and cheese bagel breakfast sandwich was worth it, and the breakfast burrito was decent, too, if more like a slightly warm wrap than a burrito. From there, it was off to Bloom Bake Shop for sweets to eat while marathonning the last three episodes of the last Doctor Who season with friends. Excellent cupcakes, a fudgy salted caramel brownie, and a fine-lookin' biscuit breakfast sandwich for the next visit.

Just a couple of dogs.

SHOP/HAUS part two spans a couple days, but is united by sausage. To start, the Paoli Bread and Brat Haus. It's part of a terminally adorable little complex of shops that includes the Hop Garden's taproom. My brisket sandwich -- the woman who owns the shop is a Texan, of course some brisket -- was pretty good. Nice bark. The baked goods were all a bit overbaked, but full of character. At the end of Week 3, a visit to the newest establishment so far: Wiener Shop on Gilman. A sliver of a restaurant, with a counter for leaning/eating and no tables, Wiener Shop takes hot dog traditions from across the country and puts 'em all on one menu. Toppings are ample, and can overwhelm the dogs a bit, but they're creative and well-made. The owners are fun and chatty as hell.

The Month of New is nearly done, but there's still one big recap post yet to come: Dark Lord Day, and the closing week of the month. I think we're gonna make it guys.

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