The Month of New

No, I'm not pranking Brasserie V and OSS and 4 & 20 and Popeye's and all the other places I hit a lot; I just announced on Twitter that all April, I'll only be dining out at places I've never, ever been, and I mean it. Consider it an expansion of the core ideas behind Hunger Danes and my latest project, Wrap Judgment, over on my YouTube channel. It's springtime, time to break out of old habits and try some new things.

I've been pestering my wife with the idea for a month and a half, and she has gamely agreed to play along. We've got a list, and whether it's a coffee and a scone or a proper sit-down dinner, we'll be visiting only restaurants/cafes/bars that at least one of us has never been to before.

(There are, for example, a couple places I've really wanted to get to that my sneaky, sneaky wife has already been without me, and I'll be damned if I'm going to disqualify those places for this experiment.)

Chances are good that one effect of this effort will be dining at home more often; if that's the case, that's A-OK. It's getting to be Real Spring (contrasted with the sleety, cold Wisconsin Spring), which means more grilling, more produce, more farmers' market trips. But it also means that I won't be sipping on a Magic Coffee and eating a sausage and pepper jack croissant from the Graze market stand in a couple weeks -- and that's a hard realization, man, let me tell you.

And to help you keep up with my adventures in horizon-expansion, I'll be maintaining a Google Map with pins at all the places we try. I'll update this post with the link soon.

EDIT: As promised, the map link.