Flyover Friday - The paces

I was on a nice track, all set to get this column out really close to on-time, and then I realized that we were about to lose the ability to catch up on this season of The Walking Dead if we didn't get watching, and then all of a sudden I was locked in and locked out. While my computer was conscripted to serve as transmission vector for TWC to TV, my brain just shut down and zoned in on the show. Tomorrow's Friday, and yet it's still last week's Flyover Friday, shuffling along.

Charles Ferruzza's review of J.J.'s for the Kansas City Pitch

I have this mental block where I want to place the Pitch in Cleveland rather than Kansas City. (I even found one instance where that glitch made it to print in a previous column.) For the length of this review, Ferruzza doesn't seem cover a lot of real estate on the menu.

Michael Nagrant's review of Formento's for Chicago's RedEye

Speaking of glitches, when is my new computer going to recognize Michael Nagrant doesn't start with a V? Really gotta stay on my toes. This feels like a one-visit review, which makes for an insignificant reading experience -- especially when combined with the chopped-up RedEye/Nagrant style.

Douglas Trattner's review of Asia Tea House for the Cleveland Scene

Located as it is in AsiaTown, in a development called Asian Town Center, I think maybe Asia Tea House isn't off the beaten path as Trattner describes, but merely off the non-Asian path. This place actually sounds a lot like the food court at Mitsuwa, a must-stop all-in-one operation with a non-California outpost north of Chicago.

Jane Slaughter's review of El Rey de las Arepas for the Detroit MetroTimes

I get what Slaughter's doing, comparing a lot of El Rey's dishes to Anglo dishes, but she should take it easy; an arepa is really almost nothing like an English muffin. Venezuelan food can stand on its own merits.

Molly Abraham's review of Zeke's Rock and Roll BBQ for the Detroit Times

Okay, what's Abraham doing, here. exactly? A week-old restaurant being subjected to a star rating? Come on, Detroit Times. Call it a first look, or have some standards.

Cheryl Baehr's review of Bonefish Grill for St. Louis' Riverfront Times

Another city, another Bonefish Grill. Baehr's tone is that of resigned necessity, which I get on a personal level, but that probably doesn't need to take as prominent a place in the final copy. Regardless, compared to the Isthmus review from a few weeks back, the St. Louis experience isn't quite as positive.

Polly Campbell's review of Krueger's Tavern for the Cincinnati Enquirer

It's not exactly negative, but certainly not positive. A weirdly blasé review, casually tossing mostly negative criticisms with neither meanness nor any real weight.

Bob Migra's review of the Black Pig for the Cleveland Plain Dealer

This review starts out normally, but when it starts getting rolling into territory that's got a certain amount of familiarity with a lot of other menus around the country, all of a sudden it turns into a bulleted list, like Migra was way past deadline and running out of steam.

G. A. Benton's review of Nada for the Columbus Dispatch

Samara Kalk Derby's review of Freshii for Madison's Wisconsin State Journal

Rick Nelson's review of Lyn 65 for the Minneapolis StarTribune

Ian Froeb's review of Riverbend Restaurant and Bar for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Blade staff's review of Schmucker's Good Food for the Toledo Blade

Mike Sula's review of BarTucci for Chicago's Reader

Niz Proskocil's review of Southern Spice for the Omaha World-Herald