Flyover Friday - stuff stuff another Estrellón review stuff

K.L. Lorenz's review of Los Paisa Restaurante Mexicano

Guacamole mixed vs. prepared tableside is a distinction I don't quite grasp. Minor complaint, I know.

Pama Mitchell's review of Forno Osteria + Bar for the Cincinnati City Beat

If it's too hard to choose what to order during a single visit for review purposes, might I suggest: a second trip! *Homer Simpson loudwhisper* TELL YOUR EDITOR

Serena Maria Daniels' review of Bobcat Bonnie's for the Detroit Metro Times

There isn't a Taste of Detroit? Shit, there will be. Place is blowing UP. (Wait -- there is one, though, like Madison's, it's not a particularly impressive lineup from top to bottom.) Gold Cash Gold is already spinning off new operations.

Molly Abraham's review of Mabel Gray for the Detroit News

SHE TALKED ABOUT THE FOOD. Like, the actual eating of it. The interior design firm did get the first mention, though, in typical Abraham style.

Mecca Bos' review of Giordano's for Minneapolis' City Pages

"It's like pizza had sex with a quiche." Best. Caption. Ever. Heavy Table lambasted Giordano's within like ten minutes of it opening; Bos is at least a little more forgiving.

Cheryl Baehr's review of Aroma Indian Grill for St. Louis' Riverfront Times

I agree with Baehr; a good halwa will knock your socks off.

Michael Nagrant's "mini"-review of Cantina 1910 for Chicago's RedEye

Mini. I mean seriously, he spends 122 words on the salsas. I will admit that this place -- with its raspberry/raisin pork al pastor marinade -- does sound worthy of talking about.

Polly Campbell's review of Jimmy G's for the Cincinnati Enquirer

A steakhouse review where the critic only tries one steak seems like a fairly egregious oversight but then you realize the restaurant only has three on the menu, and it sort of makes sense.

G.A. Benton's review of Indochine Cafe for the Columbus Dispatch

Benton goes for an easy-reader entry point with this review and ends up oversimplifying the text. Is pot au feu actually on Indochine's menu? And is Columbus really that unfamiliar with banh mi and pho?

Rosemary Zurlo-Cuva's review of Pasqual's Cantina for Madison's Isthmus

Nice to see that the new Pasqual's is doing something novel in the local-chain's portfolio, and not just something larger.

Samara Kalk Derby's review of Estrellón for Madison's Wisconsin State Journal

You may have guessed by now that my review of Estrellón will publish this week (tomorrow, in fact), but in the meantime, here's the SKD review. I heard plenty of advance notice of the paella's prep time given during my visits, so I'm not sure how she missed them. But I agree that the tapas menu doesn't really explain when a dish will be tapa and when it'll be pintxo. Part of the fun, I guess.

Ian Froeb's review of Guerrilla Street Food for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Evocative, mouth-watering, detailed. Another great Froeb review.

Blade staff's review of Los Dos Gallos for the Toledo Blade

Confusingly worded -- sometimes, I'm quite certain, erroneously worded -- and sloppily edited. Blorf.

Phil Vettel's review of De Quay for the Chicago Tribune (and handy Google link)

Vettel took a while, relatively, in getting to De Quay compared to Mike Sula over at the Reader.