Flyover Friday - Quick hits

Carlos Acevedo's final review, of Baru 66 for the Des Moines Register

Happy trails, Carlos. Here's a little blurb he wrote afterward, officially signing off.

Michael Nagrant's "mini"-review of Lure Izakaya Pub for Chicago's RedEye

Seriously, it's a thousand words.

Lindsay Christians' review of Estrellón for Madison's Capital Times

Here's the big one, guys! New Tory Miller joint. You'll probably see another review by the end of this week, and I'm betting another one the following week. (See also for coverage: Eat Drink Madison.)

John Jahn's review of Pho Viet for Milwaukee's Shepherd Express

Some errant <i> going on here, but a nice review. Good length for the Shep.

Garin Pirnia's review of Frida 602 for the Cincinnati CityBeat

Not a lot of food in this review, though the imbalance is acknowledged, at least.

Douglas Trattner's review of Seoul Hot Pot for the Cleveland Scene

A restaurant coming back after a three year hiatus is not a common occurrence. Everyone loves a comeback story.

Serena Maria Daniels' review of Sweet Soul Bistro for the Detroit Metro Times

From Seoul food to soul food, if non-traditional soul food. Gotta love a General Tso chicken wing.

Molly Abraham's review of Tom's Oyster Bar for the Detroit News

More fluff. If you're not in the game to actually review food, you shouldn't bill your writing as criticism. Be a columnist. Give someone else a shot. I mean come on.

Cheryl Baehr's review of Howards in Soulard for St. Louis' Riverfront Times

Reminds me a bit of Carousel's in Madison, or maybe JD's -- both no longer extant in restaurant form. The kind-of-crappy place you can't help but love.

Jess Fleming's review of Ox Cart Ale House for St. Paul's Pioneer Press

Gastropub = beer-focused operation selling high-sodium foods. I've defended the term before but that's what it's come to.

Polly Campbell's review of Firebirds Woodfired Grill for the Cincinnati Enquirer

Campbell is dead-on, starting a review of a wood fire restaurant with a discussion of speed-trends. These things are everywhere now, and they're getting pretty indistinguishable.

G.A. Benton's review of The Crest Gastropub for the Columbus Dispatch

Quel choc! Another gastropub this week. A coffee-rubbed burger patty, though -- that's worth discussing. FWIW, the Dispatch is getting real fussy about its paywall now, too.

Adam Powell's review of Le Petit Croissant for Madison's Isthmus

If this place carries the vibe of the old La Brioche, before it became TRUE FOOD, pardonnez-moi, then I am all in.

Samara Kalk Derby's review of Nani Restaurant for Madison's Wisconsin State Journal

Decent, for a one-visit review.

Rick Nelson's review of Lela for the Minneapolis StarTribune

Nelson slowly getting back into the swing of things following his de-anonymizing. Makes me wonder when Carol Deptolla's going to resume regular reviewing in Milwaukee.

Niz Proskocil's review of Maria Bonita Mexican Cuisine for the Omaha World-Herald

Fill-in week this week in Omaha. Reads way longer than it actually is.

Ian Froeb's review of O'Bar at the O'Fallon Brewery for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Another brewery gastropub thing, and one that proves that yes, the default is uninspired salty food, which it sounds like O'Fallon can't even pull off at that low level.

Blade staff's review of Poco Piatti for the Toledo Blade

These photos! They look good! *dies*

Heather Schroering's review of Lowcountry & Clark St. Karaoke

I don't know if this is really a review-review, but it's got a nice shot of a shrimp boil up top so I'm rolling with it.

WEB-ONLY BONUS: Joshua Page's review of Parella for Minneapolis' Heavy Table