Flyover Friday - The deep breath before the dive

A very slim week. There are a lot of Year in Reviews in Review posts out there; I'll let you find those if you want 'em. We'll stick with the regular old review-reviews here. The 2015 review calendar seems about ready to start up but is, for the time being, gathering steam. Happy New Year, it's Flyover Friday.

Charles Ferruzza's review of Summit Grill and Bar for the Kansas City Pitch

One of my favorite writers of 2014, Ferruzza kicks off the 2015 Flyover Friday calendar with a comfortable, pleasant review of a neighborhood spot that sounds pretty dang tasty.

Jeff Beutner's review of Joe K's Ranch for Milwaukee's Shepherd Express

Beutner's review strikes a similar chord to Ferruzza's, but with a little more sass (amazingly). I'm not sure how deep-fried pickles aren't trendy to Beutner, or what kind of French onion soup doesn't come with gooey cheese, but then, this review is just kind of lacking in structure. Short, with an abrupt end.

Lindsay Christians' review of Oliver's Public House for Madison's Cap Times

It's as much my fault as any, really. I keep threatening to electroshock Lindsay into the world of beer, and a well-meaning but meaningless line like "craft options from lager to stout" could be so easily remedied by about 90 minutes of sipping out of tasting glasses. A minor mar in a glowing and otherwise well-crafted review.

Jane Slaughter's review of Rincon Tropical for the Detroit Metro Times

Slaughter does a lot of explanation, but if I had to guess, I'd say her orders at Rincon Tropical were a little slight. Too much of this review feels like "I should mention more dishes than the ones I had, but cleverly not indicate whether I think they're good or not, because it'd be too short without."

Douglas Trattner's review of Hofbrauhaus Cleveland for the Cleveland Scene

Another Hofbrauhaus review. A lot more positive than the other two, or at least affirming, but the sentiment that kicks off the third graf seems pretty sage.  Trattner's whole attitude re: Hofbrauhaus, actually, is very well-moderated.

Carol Deptolla's review of Story Hill BKC for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A menu with this kind of breadth and dedication doesn't feel like that of a neighborhood joint, but if it was in my hood, I'd probably be there all the damn time.

G. A. Benton's review of Acre for the Columbus Dispatch

Sure, I guess everyone needs a cleanse of one degree or another. There isn't much that really lights me up about this restaurant; seems like Benton's in the same boat.

Bob Migra's review of Twiisted for the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Well, if this place isn't a dead ringer for a Guy Fieri operation. Are we in the market for a 90's-era ironic nostalgia trip? If Migra's buying, the answer's yes. I mean, we are living in the Year of Friends on Netflix Instant, so get ready.

ADDED - Mike Sula's review of Fahlstrom's for Chicago's Reader

Late Friday web publication. Seems like Sula is gunning for a spot in the 2015-in-review negative review post at Eater. But it does sound like Fahlstrom's deserves it.