I <3 brunch

It's my birthday and I wanna talk about brunch. Just try and stop me.

Come on, Sutton. You're killing the mood here man.

This is actually a post I'd been procrastinating on since March, when New York Times contributor and self-confessed joyless grump David Tanis wrote an article espousing anti-brunch, pro-lunch sentiments.

I don’t do brunch, or not if I can help it. Does that make me a traitor, or simply a curmudgeon?

It’s not breakfast, it’s not lunch — it’s a misbegotten relic. What’s to like? Another run-of-the-mill Bloody Mary or all-you-can-drink mimosa? More leaden eggs Benedict? Factory French toast? A guilt-free egg white frittata? Really?
— New York Times website, March 17, 2014

My people. These are my people.

Dude. You're no curmudgeon; you're a monster.

In truth, it appears to be a uniquely New York thing to hate on brunch, which makes me wonder: is it just New York brunch that sucks? How else to explain the anti-brunch sentiments of an avowed "egg slut" -- his words -- like Tony Bourdain? I mean, brunch is all about the egg, isn't it?

On the other hand, there's a town like Madison, a place in the Goldilocks zone for so many things (at this point, I should just write a book and be done with it), that really sticks the landing when it comes to brunch. This week, we saw Umami Ramen and Dumpling Bar announce that weekend brunch service is finally coming -- after three excruciating years! -- on June 14th. Madison is fully in the bag for brunch, like so many other major metro areas (Chicago, Austin, Portland, the Twin Cities) -- and New York, too, though maybe everyone there actually hates it.

Oh, and if you're unfamiliar, this is okonomiyaki (which I misspelled on Twitter): a Japanese omelet/pizza/pancake hybrid stuffed with veggies, pork, octopus, and/or cheese, topped with mayo and special okonomiyaki sauce. If you can't get behind an order of this at 10 in the morning after a hard Saturday night of drinking, you're plum fucking crazy.

Come at me, brunch. (Photo credit: closetcooking.com)