Flyover Friday - Filling

Not much to say in terms of preamble here. It's the week of Christmas, this post was delayed, and the revamped Irony or Mayo goes live on Christmas Day. This post isn't filler, but I won't lie and say it's the one we've all been waiting for. Dig in, before you're full of sugar cookies and ham. It's Flyover Friday.

Mike Sula's review of Oak+Char for Chicago's Reader

Who would expect a sarcastic riff on the New World Order that goes unmitigated by "okay maybe not but"? It's possible that Sula ordered everything for this review, and burns through them all.

David Luhrssen's review of Alioto's for Milwaukee's Shepherd Express

Okay, yes, it's obvious that restaurants really bother this reviewer, judging by all the fingerquotes and disdain. Too bad, because supper clubs like this place are all about love.

Charles Ferruzza's review of Pinstripes for the Kansas City Pitch

What the hell, Charles -- what do you have against bowling? The food sounds all right, the name is indeed kind of crappy, and bowling is always awesome, I don't know what Ferruzza is on about.

Douglas Trattner's review of CHA Spirits and Pizza Kitchen for the Cleveland Scene

The panko-dusted crust sounds pretty awesome and Trattner handles both menu and history well in this review but I honestly can't read it without seeing the name of the restaurant and thinking about The Tick.

Michael Nagrant's mini-review of Frite Street for Chicago's RedEye

Aw man, it's still hard to read a review that mentions the restaurants of the Avondale neighborhood that doesn't include Hot Doug's. However, I like this length of review for Nagrant's style of criticism. It tidies him.

Jane Slaughter's review of Selden Standard for the Detroit Metro Times

And now all three Detroit papers have weighed in on Selden Standard. Since the MT review is last out of the chute, you'd think they wouldn't worry about rushing the review and send Slaughter for more than one official trip. Sadly, that was not to be. She's effusively positive, but underexposed to the menu in my opinion.

Cheryl Baehr's review of Lücha for St. Louis' Riverfront Times

The focal point of the header photo is making my eyes go cross. The notion that St. Louis was previously unserved by any Mexican restaurants that went beyond beans and rice makes me go "Hmmm" in disbelief. A fine review, and neither of these complaints are Baehr's fault, but they both rub me the wrong way.

Ian Froeb's review of BaiKu Sushi Lounge for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Lots of vibrant imagery, a very descriptive review -- including the opening bit about EDM and the placement of the sushi bar.

Blade staff's review of Timbers Bowling and Miss Cue South for the Toledo Blade

Blarf, that artwork. Blorf, that Obama reference. Bleh, the apparent fundamental misunderstanding of what's actually "playful" and what's just kind of obnoxious.

Samara Kalk Derby's review of Oliver's Public House for Madison's Wisconsin State Journal

I really want to know how a crepe could be folded so that it no longer resembled a crepe. I'm thinking origami crane maybe, or paper airplane.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger's review of Doolittles Woodfire Grill for Madison's Isthmus

My wife and I got the same booth both times we dined in, and had we dined in for the third visit, I'm confident we would have gotten the same booth again. The music is awful, and that takeout order I mentioned took a little more than an hour longer than I was told it would. There now I've gotten all of it out of my system. Doolittles has a way to go before it's a worthwhile stop.

Molly Abraham's review of Gold Cash Gold for the Detroit News

A review that truly suffers from Abraham's fascination with architecture and design details. I'd love to know more about this place than its affinity for pickling. Instead I know the history of the floor and ceiling.

Carol Deptolla's review of Locavore for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A couple weak transitions from graf to graf, but a strong look at a really interesting menu. I would not expect this kind of apparent quality from a casino hotel restaurant with an absurdly trend-baiting name.

Debbi Snook's review of Trentina for the Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Scene published a review of Trentina back in September, and while the Dealer took its time getting there for its own review, it didn't craft a particularly impressive one. Where Trattner turned his excitement into a deep-breath-okay-go pacing, Snook's is disjointed -- thrilled, yes, but the kind of thrilled where you can't quite get out complete, informing sentences.

Polly Campbell's review of Pi Pizzeria for the Cincinnati Enquirer

Cute last line, but the bit about the goetta doesn't pay off the early references to it (nor does it really explain what the problem is, and the thing about a 4-way is awkwardly out of nowhere). Plus the headline makes no sense.

G. A. Benton's review of Local Cantina for the Columbus Dispatch

Whoa Nellie, that's a lot of parenthetical phrases. Like, it seems like Benton's trying to make a point or a parallel or something; so many of them are just unnecessary.

Sarah Baker Hansen's review of Sam's Gyros for the Omaha World-Herald

Hansen's perspective on where this place should succeed and where it falls short is right on. How fitting, the last review of this Flyover Friday, coming as it does during a travel-heavy stretch of days, is for a takeout restaurant. Travel safe, everyone.