A series returns, and the end of @thebookpolice

I told you all on Twitter last month that I had some big changes coming. Well, they're only big if you really give, like, a huge shit about me. And who gives a bigger shit about me than me? No one that's who.

Hey Twitter heyyy

So here I am, on my own website, telling no one in particular that starting on Thanksgiving Day, @thebookpolice will be no more.* This is me officially announcing that on that day, the Twitter account currently known as @thebookpolice will become: @kylenabilcy.

Now, I know what you're all thinking: "Where'd he come up with that nonsense? What's it mean? Is it some kind of inside joke?" Nope, I've decided to go by the ol' real name. Because I really want that blue check mark on my Twitter profile? Or as the first step in a series of branding updates designed to market myself to death? YOU DECIDE.

*Savvy readers saw the asterisk. I'll be keeping @thebookpolice around for the occasional tweets on correctional librarianship, since I am still running that gig, after all. But the primary product is food and drink now, kids, and while that might send a few followers away when I make the change, I'm happier presenting my self to the world first than my current job.

I've chosen Thanksgiving to make the change because I am definitely grateful for all of you who have followed me, read my stuff, and especially those of you whom I've gotten to know personally as a result of a connection you made with "Me as The Book Police." It's not without some trepidation that I move away from the online moniker I've used for years. It's just time.

Anyway, huge eyeroll at all the ultra-sober navelgazing.

BUT! More big news! Coming back for its second season: the very fun if criminally under-appreciated HUNGER DANES series -- look for it this week, in fact. My good buddy (and county board member) Jenni Dye and I are back on the trail, visiting a restaurant, café, or bar in each of Dane County's 37 supervisory districts.

(It's also a great excuse to effuse for a moment or two on the awesomeness of the John Kovalic-penned logo for the series. Don't you just love it?)

Jenni and I are excited to start bringing you more Hunger Danes columns, starting with District 10 (that's the near west side) later this week. And as for all my nonsense over at @thebookpolice, soak it up while you can. Like Obie Trice said, "real name, no gimmicks."