Flyover Friday - Where people go

My wife and I make a day trip to Door County around this time every year, as a celebration of both autumn and of her birthday (which also happens to show up around this time every year). We used to always hit the same spot for lunch on our trip (Stillwater's), but after a couple seasons where it closed early, we've started to mix it up in Fish Creek: The Cookery, Wild Tomato, and sure, sometimes back at Stillwater's. Egg Harbor, however, remains under-explored for our lunches; even on our little Saturday driving trip, there's a little flyover country. Today, though, is Flyover Friday.

Molly Abraham's review of Beau's Grillery for the Detroit News

I'd been wondering what was up with not only Molly Abraham, but food coverage in general at the News. While it's been sparse over the last month, turns out there was some kind of quiet reorganization of the website, and my bookmarks weren't hitting new content. So here's a trademark Abraham piece, light and, frankly, early on in the restaurant's current version.

Jane Slaughter's review of KouZina Greek Street Food for the Detroit Metro Times

Greek food does it for me, man. Slaughter may not find it to be a "world-class cuisine," but from my younger days going to "fancy" dates with my wife (when she was just my girlfriend) at Apollon, to moving to Madison and discovering late-night Greek over a decade ago, Greek food is maybe my most comforting cuisine. The world-class cuisine bit in the review isn't the slam that it sounds like here; Slaughter definitely digs this place.

Cheryl Baehr's review of Bek-Hee for St. Louis' Riverfront Times

That building looks great; bet it was an ice cream shop or something once upon a time. Kinda feel like the review was padded out a bit with all those food photos. I mean, you had a shot of the beef with broccoli. So how was it?

C. Acevedo's review of Fong's Pizza for the Des Moines Register

Pizza? Now that's what I call an egg roll! No, really, that's a weird dang restaurant. 

Jeff Beutner's review of Engine Company No. 3 for Milwaukee's Shepherd Express

Beutner could use a gentler hand with transitioning from topic to topic; some shifts are more than a little abrupt. But he covers a lot of the menu, which is appreciated.

Anonymous' review of J'Mae's and Josephine's for the Toledo Blade

Listen, I may have snapped a Hipstamatified food photo on more than one occasion, and even submitted it to Isthmus with review copy. But my lord, the filter on the Blade's art for this review is hideous. Truly.

Ian Froeb's review of the Purple Martin for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The lifespan of this restaurant has been pretty unusual, what with all the kitchen and management shift, the menu changes... But what I want to know is what's up with the name? I don't think it made sense with any of the various iterations of this place.

G.A. Benton's review of Arepazo Tapas Bar Grille

I don't really understand why Benton didn't just go back for lunch and the patacon sandwich rather than writing two grafs bemoaning missing it at dinner.

Andre Darlington's review of Sujeo for Madison's Isthmus

One more Sujeo review to complete the set. I wish there was a little more detail on the food, but it's such a massive menu, who's gonna complain if a critic keeps it tidy and casts the review in a more nationally circumspect light. Everyone's eating there already anyway.

Samara Kalk Derby's review of Great Harvest Bread Company for Madison's Wisconsin State Journal

I don't really have a problem with the State Journal reviewing Great Harvest, a franchised chain. And I don't have a problem with Derby liking it so much. I do have a problem with SKD trademarks like extensive quotations from her friends, and poorly constructed sentences like one that uses the word "decided" twice, uncreatively. That makes this feel like a calendar in-fill review, just going through the motions.

Sarah Baker Hansen's review of Saigon Bowl for the Omaha World-Herald

Hansen's back from vacation, and the fairly rote, mechanical ordering process at this fast-casual, mix-and-match Vietnamese restaurant don't really allow her to shake the rust off. It reads more like a blog post than a review, which is fine, but not the best tone for the venue. Custom spell-check dictionary alert: banh mi.

Mike Sula's review of RPM Steak for Chicago's Reader

While Sula praises the less pricy cuts of meat on RPM's menu, it seems likely that the Reader had to pay out quite a bit in meal reimbursement for this review. This is the "apropos of nothing celebrity" version of an athlete restaurant in a smaller sports town, and I'm a little shocked that Sula found it as good as he did. I would've expected it to be little more than a scene spot, where people go to be photographed.