Your home for Forequarter Beer Week coverage

As it turns out, Forequarter's schedule for Madison Craft Beer Week won't be on after all. But if blogs are good for one thing, it's not having a deadline. So without further ado, here's the full rundown of James Beard Best New Restaurant semifinalist Forequarter's schedule for MCBW, courtesy of Hastings Cameron.


Tonight 5/2
- Tapping our keg of Common Thread at midnight (strict adherence to the "wait till Friday" edict). $2.5 pints from midnight-bar time.

Friday 5/3 (10pm-bar close, food until 1am)
"Bitter Much?"
- Bright/citrusy bitter cocktails, (i.e. classic negroni, a more aggressive house gin & tonic, Malört cosmo, and a revisited "hop Collins") paired with Green Flash Imperial IPA
- Dark/roasty bitter cocktails paired with Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot: a kegged "negroni" made with gin, Campari + "vermouth" comprised of Karben4's Silk Scorpion sweetened with house raspberry cordial.
- Goblets of Lagunitas' WTF and Green Flash IIPA are $3 and $4.5 respectively. Standalone cocktails $5-7, beer/cocktail pairings $6-9, shots of Malört $3. All cocktails but the k4 negroni will be available during dinner.

Saturday 5/4 (10pm-bar close, food until 1am)
- Speyside, Campbelltown and Islay single malt scotches paired with beers both delicate and malt bomb-y. Rob Roys made with an O'So Dominator Dopplebock reduction. A dessert drink inspired by Whoppers and the Briess malt balls a beer rep handed me at the Malt House right before I drove to visit my family for Christmas. Prices TBD, but will be very friendly, unless someone shouts for an Octomore 10 boilermaker. All of this bombast leavened by a soundtrack of nothing but Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura.

Monday 5/6
"Dave's Lager & Agave Experience"
- During dinner: Nuanced pairing flights of an array of mezcal and tequila with lager beer (pilsners and Vienna reds) that's a touch craftier than Negra Modelo. Dave is our resident Oaxaca fanatic. I'm sure he'd prefer this be called something else. Pick his brain re: mezcal, or have him make a suero, a beery paloma or this ridiculous chavela variation we're working on. It's garnished with a spicier rendition of the Underground Meats landjäger we commissioned just for our bar. After 10pm, specials on all of the above.

Tuesday 5/7
- Tasting menu as previously covered.

- After 10pm, it will become night of a billion saisons and weird farmhouse variations. Beer list to come.

Wednesday 5/8
"Stillwater + Evil Twin tap takeover"
- I am both excited and terrified by this.

Thursday 5/9
"Sausage party at Karben4"
- I think this means our meats people will be doing artisanally broish things out there.

Saturday 5/10
Details hazy, but will involve beer/cheese pairing with Uplands Cheese Company boss man Andy Hatch and three vintages of Pleasant Ridge Reserve.