Kyle Ate Here - I know what I ate this summer

Like a ghostly voice on the wind, Kyle Ate Here returns to haunt your late October. Here are the clattering marrow bones and scraps of delicious flesh from my June, July, and August dining notes.

Only on Thursdays, always in my heart.

Looks pretty nice, but the aioli's broken.

BLT + bluegill + pimento cheese = harmony?

Sigh. Capital Creamery, man.

  • RIP, Carnival's  on Park. Will miss your s'mores sundae and very friendly staff.
  • Welcome back, Taqueria Guadalajara . Looking better than ever.
  •  Blowin' Smoke  seals the deal with excellent ribs, plus a great tongue-in-cheek "Ribblet" McRib riff.  Left me hanging on a Friday when I wanted burnt ends, though.
  • Beset by a sudden fried chicken craving. Turns out that Hy-Vee's version is about as good as its reputation. KFC's new boneless stuff, though? Just kinda scary, especially the dark meat.
  • Took old friends to Merchant  for lunch; happily, their dishes were more successful than ours. No excuse for serving a broken aioli.
  • Honestly don't know what's up with Capital Creamery . What was billed as a seasonal closure (though it was never clear what season that was, exactly) is looking more and more like full closure. Still attempting to contact proprietors for details. That bacon double cheeseburger deserves a resurrection.
  • Goat cheese curds at The Tipsy Cow ? Speaking of deserving a wider audience. Jeez oh man are they great.
  • Though my order's been goofed up each time I've gone, it's still so great to see Paul's Pel'meni  (or Gorham Dumplings or whatever we're to call it) kickin' it old-school near State Street. And the guys doing the cooking are super-chatty. (Maybe that's the cause for the minor goofs.)
  • Another hit from the Sardine bar menu: the costly but packed-with-goodies pan bagnat sandwich.
  • Wish I'd been there to compare pre- and post-Food Fight, but the Avenue Bar's Friday fish was definitely a letdown from the hype.  Overdone fish, spazzy service, mediocre cocktails.
  • Novanta , on the other hand, slipped up on our order (forgetting the prosciutto? how could you?), but remedied it with a warm apology and comped a round a drinks. The kitchen was young, then; I trust things have settled into a groove by now.
  • Sun Prairie's Day One Pizza : must've gotten a huge initial investment, because that space is sprawling. Pizza's decent competition for Salvatore's , but the winner is still Sal. Great cheese bread at Day One, though.
  • Knock-out portions of bluegill at Dexter's Pub  as expected, and Gates & Brovi in a surprise -- not because G&B isn't fun, but because it was part of a wholly unlikely pimento cheese bluegill BLT, and yet nothing was overshadowed.