RIP Terriers, or, "A tune popped into my head this morning."

Today was a real kick in the pants for about 800,000 fans of quality television programming: FX officially cancelled Terriers.
Terriers, you ask? What is this dog show of which you speak?
And that right there is the reason it's gone. FX evidently took a page straight from NBC's Kings playbook, and mis-marketed Terriers right into the poorhouse. Just as NBC's gorgeous alt-history drama epic wasn't The OC in a castle, Terriers wasn't a show about angry dogs. But that's what the advertisements would have you assume.
The two stars, Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James, were barely visible in pre-show marketing. And understand me when I say that they're 99% of the reason to tune into the show. The other 85% is everything else about the show: the writing, the cinematography, the co-stars, the incredibly infectious theme song…the questionable math. The dog on the website and all the promotional images doesn't even appear in the damn show.
I'd like to think that if CBS viewers could crank up their oxygen flow enough to muster the energy to save Jericho, then certainly the young, vigorous, and angry fans of Terriers could bombard FX into a 180-degree reversal on the fortunes of the show. Hell, it's still possible--you could always email FX at, just to remind them how annoyed you are--but it's not likely to work.
The fact is, those of us who liked the show early enough to see this as a possible conclusion just didn't bring in enough of our friends and family members in time. I know I got at least three new viewers to the show (one of them my wife, hardly a coup), but that was with a couple weeks to go. FX has decided that, rather than stake themselves to a loss-leader, a quality show that speaks to philosophy over economy, they'd go the traditional route and axe the sucker. That's disappointing, FX--but not particularly shocking.
It's very tempting to boycott FX in response. But I was never going to tune in to Sons of Anarchy anyway, and I never watched The Shield, so it's kind of meaningless to lose me as a viewer. And the fact of the matter is that Justified is also a really great show, also airing on FX, and also deserving of viewers and support. Of course, FX is giving this show support; see the premiere ratings of both Terriers and Justified (1.6 vs. 4.2 million) to show what good marketing and a name that makes sense can do for a show.
So mourn Terriers. Buy the theme song (Gunfight Epiphany by Robert Duncan). Check out some episodes on iTunes and Hulu. Definitely pick up the show whenever it comes out. The season (I still can't say "series") told a complete story with a satisfying ending. Even if this is the end of Hank Dolworth and Britt Pollack, their ride into the sunset is worth investing in.
(And if you watch the pilot episode, you'll get the title of this post, which is just the irritating kind of dumbassery that FX used in naming Terriers. Sorry.)