Commence au Top Cheffery!

Yep, I took a break for one iteration of the Top Chef media empire--and from all indications, it was the right one to skip. But no matter the rigors of bloggeration and recapping and appointment television, there's almost no way I could be expected to resist Top Chef All-Stars. You had me at, well, "All-Stars."

The season premiere is tonight at 10/9 Central, and I'll be posting a recap some time thereafter. If there's one thing Season 7 taught me, it's to not promise a timeline I can't deliver. But I'm going to try to get back to posting before noon on Thursday.

I expect these recaps to be slightly different, since regular viewers will know all these chefs really well. Dale "The Locker Puncher" Talde, the Kind-of-a-Twat Marcel Vigneron, Antonia "The Black Hammer" Lofaso, Zweet Fabio Viviani, and Tre "Creme Anglaise" Wilcox, among others. Not as much exposition, and a little more food commentary.

Plus, who isn't excited about the installation of Anthony Bourdain as a regular judge--hopefully more regular than Eric Ripert last season. Tony's respect for Tom Colicchio and Top Chef is well-known; he gave a lot of props when he spoke in Madison earlier this month.

Should be a good time, guys. See you tomorrow!