Be careful what you wish for

I asked a few days ago for fewer Madison barbecue restaurants to be closed on Sundays. The universe heard, and answered: "HERE'S ONE LESS"--and then Porky Pine Pete's closed.
But! All is not lost, for riding onto the scene--a piece of meat in the shape of a White Knight--is the McRib. The prodigal bun, returning. Settle yourselves in for six weeks of addictive, astonishingly satisfying pseudo-cue, cutting into whatever early onset seasonal affective disorder you might have, like a knife through hot, pressed and formed pork.
I'd say something about kismet, the smiling down of fate or fortune, but since the word has Islamic roots, it might be a bit tasteless to do so with regard to a pork sandwich. Say what you want about McDonald's; there's nothing tasteless about the McRib. And how could you sneer at a sandwich that has brought so much joy to the world, either by its own tangy virtue, or via the creative spoofing of The Simpsons?
"Think smaller, and more legs." Classic.
(P.S. To Fox Television: What harm does it do to allow for short segments of Simpsons episodes on YouTube--in English? Really. Like the show isn't going to make it if people put bits of it on the Internet? I think the income stream is secure, you guys. My household owns both Simpsons Anniversary Edition Weber grills, for crying out loud.)