I compose this post from our deck furniture, a stunning chocolate brown and lime green affair. I am here to tell you that you should ignore all the tools from HGTV Canada that don't know how to buy a house; buying a house is awesome.

Okay, maybe not everyone buys a house from a young family who had to be undiagnosed obsessive-compulsives. I mean, who takes down all their photos after the offer goes through, then patches the nail holes and paints over the patches? Our circumstance was as close to Better Homes and Gardens as you can get for the money.

And oh, the gardens. Our landscaping is pretty great. I was itching for a yard to play with as we neared the end of our last rental agreement, but I had no idea.

Even the dogs are getting into it.

Buying a house is awesome, because at the end of it, you get to have a house. And even if it's not a big house, it's a start.