LOST - Thoughts and implications

-If, as Non-Locke stated, Jacob manipulated Sawyer and the rest of the "touched" then Non-Locke did the exact same thing. He came to Sawyer at his lowest, at a moment of weakness, and used that vulnerability to manipulate him into doing Non-Locke's dirty work.

-Kate, while touched by Jacob, was not one of the names in the cave. My sneaking suspicion? She's bait. Not a Candidate herself, but an anchor employed by Jacob to keep two other Candidates in place on the Island. After all, what was she up to during Jacob's encounter with her as a little girl? She was leading a boy by the hand, straight into mischief. If this is the case, I suspect she'll be mighty resentful toward both, even if it would be misplaced resentment.

-The ghost boy, or Shorter Ghost Jacob, is destined to be a seed. "You know the rules; you can't kill him." Clearly, SGJ wasn't talking about Jacob-Proper; Non-Locke already killed him (more or less). He was talking about Sawyer, who carries the touch of Jacob. Same is true for Jin and/or Sun, and Jack, and Hurley, and Sayid, and the original Locke, and perhaps even Kate. When these entites reunite at the Temple, I think that will be the culmination of the dying Jacob's last words: "They're coming." Meaning: the Touched are coming, and they're bringing me back. Sort of like (excuse the nerdery) the resurrection of The Master in the recent Doctor Who finale. The Island, and all of the Touched, bear the imprint of Jacob, and these will be combined with the Locke-ness of Non-Locke as well as the energy of Smokey to return Jacob to existence.

-I think, as does Doc Jensen, that Non-Locke is being infiltrated by the original Locke's essence. The "Don't tell me what I can't do" shouted at SGJ was a giveaway, but the point Ilana made about Non-Locke being "stuck" in that visage is also pertinent. I'm wondering if something will give way now that Locke has been buried. I've always held that unburied bodies on the Island are fair game for manipulation by Smokey (see: Yemi, Alex [only partially buried, thus she only appeared underground], Christian).

A great episode, rife with potential meaning and energy.