One hundred pounds of Danish

Tonight is not just Top Chef night. Tonight is the night we increase our in-house doggage by about 300%.

No, the pug will not be allowed to eat until he finally doesn't want any more. Tonight, we begin dog-sitting a Great Dane. A nearly 100 pound Great Dane puppy. Named after one of the most formidable pharaohs in Egyptian history.

Obviously, there will be some ego issues to overcome.

I'm a pinch anxious about it, for a couple reasons. First, I've never met the dude. I'm assured by the wife, who works with the dog's human, that he's a sweetheart. But even nice dogs can be put out-of-sorts by sub-20 pound dog/missiles flying at their faces.

Did I mention that I've got two sub-20 pound dog/missiles currently occupying the house? That would be the second concern; I don't know how they're gonna react to having a third dog, size notwithstanding, in the house. The last thing I need is having to be the referee managing separate corners for two little dogs who can't stop vibrating with anxiety.

This all comes with the understanding, of course, that dogs pick up on human energy, too. So my third anxiety is the hope that I don't unintentionally make things worse.

It's gonna be a stressful week, I think.