Taking a chance at the Farmers' Market

Today, I was awoken by almost getting barfed on by a pug. Yay for carpet cleanser! But the incident had the blessing-in-disguise quality of getting me out of bed at 6:45 AM. (yes, there is a 6:45 in the morning now, Lt. Kaffee.) Time to hit the Farmers' Market for a little Independence Day produce shopping!

There are things I always look to buy at the Market. Usually cheese. Grabbed some Hook's 5-Year Cheddar, and some Brunkow Morel and Onion Jack. I also picked up some "orphans," little pieces left from the slicing of bigger wheels, at Fromagination; a cheese called Dante that just spoke to me, and a sliver of Sarvecchio Parmesan. Incidentally, it looks like those two cheeses are pretty similar. Looks like it's time for a Taste-Off.


Anyway, I'm also trying to buy more of my produce at the Farmers' Market, since it usually looks so shitty at the grocery store. Today, I took a leap and bought some stuff I've never cooked at home. Swiss chard and garlic scapes found their way in with the familiar crimini mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and green onions. Man, garlic scapes look creepy.

Like alien tendrils from Independence Day, appropriately enough.

Tart cherries and raspberries for a really good price rounded out the basket, as well as a bottle of New Glarus Crack'd Wheat from Fromagination. I've got no earthly clue what I'm going to do with some of that stuff, but it sure smells great and feels good to have in the house. The fact that I wore my out-of-shape self out riding my bike to the Market is adding to that sense of well-being.

Happy Independence Day!