Do you have Black Albert in a can?

No! It's on tap.

To be fair, it was on tap, at Brasserie V here in Madison. After tonight -- and I'd put dollars to donuts that it'll be by the time I finish writing this post -- Black Albert will be gone again.

Black Albert is brewed by De Struis in Belgium, and it is really good. It gets an A on Beer Advocate (87th overall worldwide), and gets a best-possible 100 from RateBeer (91st overall worldwide). There's a nice summation of its history at The Beer Wench.

The most important thing you need to understand is that there were only 20 kegs that arrived upon our golden shores. Green Dragon in Portland got one. So did Brasserie V (and it's moved so quickly that only on the cached version of the V's site still mentions it).

We were lucky to make it there tonight. When Kristine and I can't decide on a dinner out, we make lists. Top three. Top five. Something like that. And whatever crosses over, wins. Tonight, my list was Brasserie V and Weary Traveler. I couldn't come up with a third. Kristine, on the other hand, offered four: Cafe Porta Alba, Eldorado Grill, Monroe Street Bistro, and Brasserie V. It was settled; Brasserie V it would be.

The rest is pretty much history. Sandwiches, frites, and sweet, sweet beer. I personally took out two of the last ten or so pours of Black Albert. If you ever find yourself staring down a bottle of old Al, don't blink. You'll definitely miss it.