LOST - Why I think Kate killed Aaron

Last night, we saw Kate return to Jack's side minus the little bambino. Aaron, she told Jack, and specifically his whereabouts, was a hands-off topic. If Jack wanted her to come with him, he was never, ever to ask about what happened to Aaron.

Most folks have surmised that she gave him up, perhaps with the words of Ben (and earlier, Jack) ringing in her ears: "He's not your son." Other folks think she might have been visited by Spectral Claire again, and was convinced to leave Aaron behind rather than "bring him back" to the Island.

Maybe she turned him over to Grandma Littleton. Maybe to her own mother? Social Services?

Nah. I think she killed him.

Dark, eh? This was the first thing we thought of on the LOST Viewing Pedestal (aka the couch) at my house. We've obviously got some unresolved issues.

But think about it. Mrs. Hawking said that the circumstances of Oceanic Flight 815 had to be replicated as closely to the original as possible on Ajira Flight 316. So someone carried a guitar case. Someone arrived in custody. Someone arrived very late.

On 815, someone arrived on the run for murder. Kate. For the murder of a man to whom she did not believe she was related, but who reminded her of terrible things whenever she saw him.

LOST would be awfully daring to introduce such an element, but I think after we've come face to face with time travel, reincarnation, and a fuselage full of rotting, waterlogged corpses, Aaron might have reason to be worried about his future screen time.

ADDED 4/9/09: Clearly, I was wrong. But it would have been awesome, in a nasty and brutal sort of way, no?