LOST - Time as a guitar string

Island nerd-king Daniel Faraday compared time to a string in the season premiere, "Because You Left." I'd like to refine that to a guitar string.

One of the beefs people have with the time flashes this year is that the concept of recollection and recognition seems fuzzy. Why didn't Rousseau recognize Jin back on the beach?, for example.

Very simply, my explanation is this: what happens paradoxically in the past (someone who wasn't there the "first time through" comes in and changes something) doesn't come to bear until the "bleeding edge" of time. Think of time like you'd think of space: since the Big Bang, space has been expanding. That means there's a leading edge, a blast radius or event horizon.

Paradoxical changes in the past only come to bear on the future at the furthest extent of that future. That's why Desmond remembered Faraday in "real time," as opposed to, say, the day Locke pounded on the hatch window.

The guitar string analogy comes in to explain it all thusly: you can wag around a guitar string all you want, but it won't make any noise unless it's attached at both the beginning and the end.