Tagged like a wild moose

The awesome and talented M. Patrizio tagged me on her site earlier tonight. The challenge is (for those of you who are unfamiliar) to list X random things about yourself--in this case, seven.

I'm completely honored and surprised by the tag; I still don't feel like I'm part of the creative community, even a year after taking up the metaphorical pen and paper for Isthmus. I know the Internet shortens the distance between people on both the X and Y axis, but it's still cool. Thanks, Marilyn!

Anyway, like my tagger I too have been tagged a couple times, so some of these might be familiar to Facebook friends:

1) Back in my single-digit younger days, I only barely escaped an exploding VW Bug.

2) I won the Neenah (WI) Spelling Bee in 6th grade. I went out on "rationale" in the sectionals. It's very possible that my fly was down throughout the entire city bee.

3) Perhaps the goofiest and most aloof of my college friends sat me down for a talk that pretty much turned my life around. Not coincidentally, that was within the same week I met my current girlfriend/fiancee/lady. Just over 11 years ago. I think the talk stuck.

4) Working in a prison is very interesting and yet completely unfulfilling. I am constantly amazed that I'm getting paid to write, and would do it full-time in a second if it would pay the bills.

5) The farthest out of the country I've ever been is the Caribbean. This kind of bums me out.

6) I can only listen to a little Death Cab for Cutie at a time. Age and death scare the piss out of me. I start to get scared and deeply sad if I think about either one too much.

7) Today I got the draft copy of the officiant's script for the wedding. Even after 11 years, it was really pretty cool seeing vows with my name and hers in them.

Of course, I'm supposed to tag 7 other people to complete this little task. Guess that's my eighth thing: even if I like the chain, something inside me spits the bit when it comes to forwarding it on. So if you're interested, I'm interested. This is your invitation to leave any number of random tidbits in the comments. But please, tell me who you are for this one!