LOST - the iPod playlist

T-minus ONE MOTHERF**KING WEEK and I cannot WAIT. Shit.

Anyway, I made a LOST playlist for my iPod (a matte black 80GB named Ichabod in case you're wondering) last year, and it seemed timely to share it now. The songs go roughly in chronological order with the events of the series, and I've included salient lyrics for the songs that didn't appear on the show.
  1. Gnarls Barkley, "St. Elsewhere"
    "Anywhere you sit you can see the sun/ Unfortunately on this island I'm the only one"
    "Way over yonder there's a new frontier/ Would it be so hard for you to come and visit me here?"
  2. Pearl Jam, "Tremor Christ"
    "winded is the sailor/ drifting by the storm/ wounded is the organ he left all/ bloodied on the shore/ gorgeous was his savior, sees her/ drowning in his wake/ daily taste the salt of her tears, but/ a chance blamed fate"
  3. Joe Purdy, "wash away (Reprise)"
  4. Bobby Darin, "Beyond the Sea"
  5. The Police, "Invisible Sun""There has to be an invisible sun/ That gives us hope when the whole day’s done"
    "And they’re only going to change this place by/ Killing everybody in the human race"
  6. Modest Mouse, "Missed the Boat"
    "Looking towards the future/ We were begging for the past/ Well we knew we had the good things/ But those never seemed to last"
  7. Bob Marley and the Wailers, "Redemption Song"
  8. Cass Elliot, "Make Your Own Kind of Music"
  9. Three Dog Night, "Shambala"
  10. Alice in Chains, "Man in the Box"
    "I'm the man in the box/ Buried in my shit/ Won't you come and save me?"
  11. Bad Religion, "Come Join Us"
    "Don't you see the trouble that most people are in/ And that they just want you for their own advantage/ But I swear to you we're different from all of them/ Come and join us"
  12. Jem, "They"
    "Who are they?/ Where are they?/ How can they possibly know all this?"
  13. John Butler Trio, "Company Sin"
    "Ben got a job at the mine along the way/ He said everything was fine until that fateful day"
    "It's not his land, they're not his songs/ He can't work out why he don't belong"
  14. Bad Religion, "Them and Us"
    "But he didn't know who they were/ and he didn't know who we were/ and there wasn't any reason or motive, or value, to his story/ just allegory, imitation glory/ and a desperate feeble search for a friend"
  15. The Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations"
  16. A Perfect Circle, "3 Libras"
    "Difficult not to feel a little bit/ Disappointed and passed over/ When I look right through/ See you naked but oblivious/ And you don't see me"
  17. Disturbed, "Land of Confusion"
    "Now did you read the news today/ They say the danger's gone away/ But I can see the fires still alight/ They're burning into the night"
  18. Gnarls Barkley, "The Boogie Monster"
    "I've got a monster in my closet/ Someone's underneath my bed/ The wind's knocking at my window/ I'd kill it but it's already dead"
  19. Buddy Holly, "Everyday"
  20. Trust Company, "Downfall"
    "Stay in place, you'll be the first to see/ me heal these wounds"
  21. CKY, "Familiar Realm"
    "Fortune isn't fame; you've entered a familiar realm/ If they've told you who to be, you've entered a familiar realm"
  22. Patsy Cline, "Walkin' After Midnight"
  23. Beck, "Missing"
    "I dragged all that I owned/ Down a dirt road to find you/ My shoes worn out and used/ They can't take me much farther"
You wouldn't expect there to be anything other than 23 songs, would you? And like a true mix tape dork, I have character associations with all the non-diegetic songs. Now that I'm done cycling through, I'm going to listen straight up. The whole thing just makes me SQUEEEEE!