ILLin' like a villain: Old acquaintances edition

Welcome back to ILLin' like a villain, which took some well-deserved time off for the holidays. Unfortunately, the silly requests have tapered off a bit, so I'll have to make hay with these!

The Book of Ceremonial Magic: The Secret Tradition in Goetia
by Arthur Edward Waite

-I was sure I read the subtitle as "The Secret Tradition in Goetta," which would have been a decidedly non-magical tome. ::shudder::

Alaska Seafood Industry Room and Board Job Guide
by Kwasi Malezi

-Not sure what's more interesting about this request: that the inmates don't have cable and yet are drawn to the Deadliest Catch mystique, or that the author (by virtue of his name alone) appears to be African. I've never seen an African person on Deadliest Catch.

The Guide to Becoming the Sensuous Black Woman
by Miss T.

-I betcha I know what that 'T' stands for... Did I mention that I work in an all-male facility?

A Rookie's Guide to Buying or Selling a Pool Table
by Mose Duane

-Look for a request next week for the companion volume, "And Cramming It Into a 9'x12'."