Getting on the damned stick

Bears build up a layer of fat heading into winter. Squirrels stockpile nuts. Humans look at their layers of fat, take stock of their lives, and resolve to make changes.

I've never been a firm devotee of New Years' resolutions, but it's a natural time of year to be introspective. The ability to look and act outwardly is reduced by inclement weather and the magnetic quality of the comforts of home.

Of course, we stymie ourselves by piling on extraneous responsibilities like so many thick sweaters: holiday travel, holiday gift-giving, holiday decorating. We all turn a little Hamlet-ish, unable to move in a direct line from our contemplative state to one more productive.

So these are the things I know I can start doing now, and not sacrifice the attendant duties of Christmastime. In fact, the two modes will probably dovetail nicely.

- Cook more at home. And not just easy/lazy stuff. Cook.

- Get up on time for fuck's sake.

- Less idle TV, more music. No way in hell I'm swearing off LOST or Top Chef, but I probably don't need to tune in to the entire marathon of House reruns. This, of course, requires the better half to join me in my self-improvement, but I don't think she'll mind.

- Either watch those goddamn Netflix movies, or put the subscription on hold.

- Read more. It'll me a better writer.

Yes, these are getting a little contradictory, but other people seem to have more hours in their day than I do. There's got to be a way to fit more things in. It's time to have the life I feel like I should have. If it takes an agonizingly meta blog post to kickstart the process, so be it. Thanks for putting up with it.