Getting better, Joel Stein

But you still kinda suck.

The latest food-related column from Time contributor Joel Stein is about SPAM. Note that in the article, for all the compliments he piles on SPAM, he fails to type it out as it should be typed, in all-caps.

Anyway, it's not a terrible column, pretty light and silly. But his lead-in is that SPAM should be witnessing a renaissance as the country slides closer to depression. That was, after all, roughly the golden age of SPAM.

He writes, "Those once crucial food-shopping decisions between local and organic became a lot less iomportant when the recession rolled in." I grant that he's not a foodie (not that he should be a foodie, but to claim that Hawaii likes SPAM because their only other option is poi is just plain stupid). However, in a time when people are struggling to make ends meet, people should be trying more to shop at farmers' markets and local groceries, not only for proper sustenance but to sustain one's community. He might as well argue that people need to eat more Burger King in times like these.

SPAM is a fun novelty, but only that. Real food is still real food.