Christmas with an Asian baby

So I've got this niece. She's a sweetie and a half. This is her first Christmas. She's my first niece. It's a pretty good deal for everyone. Even the dogs like her. Monty! Quit blinking!

I actually just found out that I'm gonna get to be The Godfather for the little bean. She wants to know where my jowls (a la Marlon Brando) are. I tell her, Even Marlon Brando was thin once. Wait a year or two.

Anyway, I'm going to indoctrinate her proper-like. Her parents had her give me a Munchkin Fresh Feeding set that includes a grinder to chop up any food items, and a little netted pacifier thing to pack full of grilled Belgian endive and pork loin with fennel and cardamom for her to enjoy. I also have the Top Chef: America game for the Wii. She approves.

Who's gonna be the cutest little culinarily literate Asian Michael Corleone ever?