Vote early, watch House often

So, tomorrow's the big day. A 16-hour House marathon on USA Network!

No, The Big Day. Probably the most important and meaningful presidential election of my lifetime, presuming it goes the way it's looking like it'll go. Ed. - thought about this, and it's a BFD election regardless.

Kids are still going through grade and middle school who, not too long ago, still asked and were asked if a Black person or a woman could ever be elected President of the United States. Hell, pundits have been asking that question up until a few months ago.

A woman made a hell of a run of it this year, and it looks like a black man is gonna take it the distance. I'll be doing my part to help.

I know this blog isn't as political as it used to be; I'm not as political as I used to be. Part of that is because Air America Radio has gone downhill in quality since 2006, in a big way. Part of that is because I lost access to Daily Kos for a while.

But a big part is because it just got really tiring, and tiresome. Politicians are infamous for having a lot of advisors and yet learning nothing. I knew that W wasn't going anywhere, and the Democratic Congress wasn't going to do all that I wanted it to do (that was primarily for its own good, but it was still disappointing to see so many concessions to bad legislation and unscrupulous agenda-pushing). It just seemed like too much effort to maintain a full-throated bluster.

This election, though, is a different matter entirely. While the advisors try to keep McCain above the mudslinging fray, his "pit bull with lipstick" is living up to the unfortunate imagery with which she chose to swathe herself. She asks if the Democrats think the terrorists are "the good guys now". She impugns the value of "community organizers," while critics point out that such useless figures as Jesus and the Founding Fathers of the United States might be viewed as community organizers.


The McCain backers assign all sorts of terrorist background to Barack Obama, where no evidence supports them. They play on the funny name with which he was born, just because it sounds vaguely "Arab" or "Muslim".

Sadly, I know people who give this baseless scaremongering even a little opportunity to sway them. People I care about greatly. People who should know better.

So when you vote tomorrow (if you haven't voted already), don't vote scared. Don't vote angry. Don't vote ignorant. Vote your own interests, but know who's actually going to protect your interests. Don't assume. Vote smart.