The best way to keep from getting drunk on vacation

Eat. All the time.

We got back from Seattle last Monday, and it was another great trip to the Pacific Northwest. Our friends are great hosts, and let us totally monopolize their living room. Their cats, at least, liked having the air mattress taking up all the extra space.

Kristine said to me, very seriously, befor we left: "I don't want to get wasted out there." I said, "WHY???" But it's a fair goal. They have a small place, and we're already occupying their living room. It wouldn't be fair to do the same with their bathroom, should the worst kind of intoxication take place.

So. How do you keep from getting wasted?

Brunch at Tilth.
Dinner and drinks at Volterra.
Beer and burgers at King's Hardware.
Beer and small plates at Bal-Mar.
Dinner and drinks at Steelhead Diner.
Drinks and small plates at The Copper Gate (warning: the website, like the restaurant, is Not Safe for Work).
Lunch at Salumi.
Doughnuts at Mighty O.
Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale.
Drinks at Hazlewood (okay, this was plain old drinkin').
Lunch at the Dante's Inferno Dogs cart.
Ice cream and sorbet from Empire Ice Cream.
Samples and bars at Theo Chocolate's factory store.

I'm probably missing one or two places, too.