I'm a perfeshunal

So, in light of the commentary generated by my most recent article for Isthmus (which, of course, you can read here) on the previous entry here, I thought I'd share with you a little mystery from my life.

Out of the blue, I started receiving Gourmet and Saveur magazines. And it's no four-issue trial subscription. The mailing label indicates a full year's subscription.

I didn't do it. My girlfriend didn't do it. My mom didn't do it. Nobody I know did it, and to be frank, there aren't a lot of people in the world who know my address.

Then, two days ago, I got a offer letter from Bon Appetit. They want me to subscribe, and they're offering me the professional rate.

Now, I know that magazine publishers throw around terms like that pretty loosely. The fiancee's been getting Real Simple with a "Dr." in front of her name for years now, and we're not sure where they got that idea.

But the question is: do they know I'm a food writer now? Do they have some kind of bot or crawler or something that's reading my articles and generating a gratis subscription?

I like Gourmet and Saveur just fine. But they're a little haute for me (duh). Bon Appetit on the other hand, has just the right blend of high- and accessible-cuisine. I may just take them up on that offer.

Now, if you're the one responsible for these subscriptions, don't let my confusion stop you from sending me more swag. I'm all about swag.