An evening with the fuzz in Milwaukee

I was fortunate enough to receive two tickets for the Police concert in Milwaukee last Friday. It was at the Marcus Amphitheater, which is a great venue for rock concerts.

If you had asked me prior to the show, I probably wouldn't have listed The Police in the top 20 of my favorite artists/bands. I own the singles album, and just got a copy of Zenyattà Mondatta to familiarize myself with more of their catalog in advance.

But those songs that I do know (and it's a decent number on top of the Singles disc), I like. I know the words to all the big hits. And I was reasonably excited to see them live, what with it being the final show and all. Plus, Elvis Costello was opening, and he's pretty cool too (although I own even less of his music).

This show kicked ass.

For a bunch of senior citizens, Elvis, Gordon, and the rest can all rock pretty hard. Elvis in particular didn't leave a single high note in the studio. He wore that black suit out in the heat, and went red in the face and up on tiptoes to belt every last verse out.

As for The Police, they haven't really lost a significant beat. Sting's voice, while not as reedy and penetrating, is still strong. Andy Summers has total old man hands, but his guitar work was excellent. And Stewart just pounded it out, silver hair all floppin' around.

I particularly liked that, even though an encore featuring "Roxanne" followed it, their last song of the set was the it's-only-fitting "Can't Stand Losing You."

The stage was cool, the set list was solid, and a good time was had by all. Thanks, mom!