Yay for vinyl!

Kristine and I made it over to Milwaukee this last Saturday, mostly to peruse some of the lovely paper goods at Broadway Paper. Totally absorbing, Broadway is a great spot for wedding stuff, and even I get into browse-mode there (Kristine, a great lover of tiny notebooks, funky greeting cards, and pads of paper, is in heaven merely within line of sight of the place).

We've long held that if we never had to leave the vicinity immediately surrounding the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee, we'd be happy to live there. That being unlikely, we're thrilled to be in Madison.

But there's one thing that we'd like to see more of in Madison, and it is the urban vinyl/modern pop art store. Pop Deluxe is pretty good, but it smoothes out the rough edges that one hopes to find in a spot like Rotofugi in Chicago or Schmancy in Seattle, nevermind the pater familias Giant Robot in California and New York. Sadly, Glitter Workshop is (apparently) no more, and based on the one trip I managed there, it was promising!

At long last, however, there's something right in the strike zone of "urban vinyl/modern pop art," and it is just down the street from Broadway Paper. It is Hot*Pop and it's great. Cool clothes and shoes (including this brilliant T-shirt I picked up), tons of vinyl, and even a little plush (although nothing so crowd-pleasing as Uglydolls), all in a very austere design concept with a little gallery in the back. Pitch perfect!

The bathroom walls are all chalkboard-painted. They double, somewhat oddly, as the changing rooms. I felt I should make an addition while I was trying on the shirt. Being an Uglydoll homer, and a general disliker of the Frank Kozik aesthetic (nevermind how he carries himself as a person and artist), I thought this was appropriate: