RIP coffee maker

Every now and then I get the itch to buy a new coffee maker. I'm not a total bean freak, but I'm not a moron either. I read Coffee Geek (which doesn't seem to be as good as it used to for reviews, in my opinion), I check the reviews in Consumer Reports... but it really comes down to a fundamental and biological desire to get something new for the purpose of running water through ground-up beans.

I'm running on this fellow right now. It's a Krups Aroma Control, with a delayed start timer. I like that feature, even if it's done brewing before I finally stop hitting Snooze. But the little Pause n Pour button at the base of the backsplash isn't making full contact with the basket at the other end of the lever. This results in a bunch of water pooling unpredictably in a closed-off basket compartment, and it's only a matter of time before it starts overflowing. My quest is not wholly based on purchase lust. I might actually need a new one (lord knows I don't want to try to crack that thing open and fix it myself, nor do I want to pay someone to do it).

First, I really wanted this horrible monstrosity. It's so ugly that it isn't ugly anymore. It's brown, for chrissakes! But I read some reviews on a variety of sites, and it appears to be not quite as "good" as it is "quirky." In every sense of the word.

So I'm back to browsing the store shelves and Internet, lamely trying to stumble onto the next idée fixe. I don't need a ceramic carafe, although it'd be cool. I don't want pods. Dear sweet Jesus, no pods. I'm also not made of money, so I'd prefer the machine to be under $150. And that's being extravagant.

It would be funnier to close this post with "hit me with your best shot" if I was shopping for an espresso machine, but it is what it is. Help me out.