Familiarity breeds apathy

Here's where I tell you about how sometimes you live in a city and you pass places and see things and read about stuff and never actually get around to experiencing them until someone from out of town shows up to jar you out of your rut.

It is with some shame that I admit that Kristine and I had yet to spend any real time at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. You may deride me at whatever volume you feel is appropriate.

Okay. Now that that's over, let me say that I could go there probably every day. I'm sure many do. The best part was watching the frogs (toads? I can never remember) try to alight upon the tiny lilypads in the Sunken Garden's mirror pool.

Wait. I take that back. This was the best part:

With my hamstrung world travel ability, this is as close as I've ever gotten to an honest-to-god Thai temple/pavilion.

I even got to be the teacher's pet when the tram driver was unable to answer a fellow rider's question of "what's that five-headed statue called?" (answer: a naga)

Good times. Plus, the trip dovetailed nicely with the legwork for my next Fringe Foods! (that's a tease, folks)