Dinner experimentation

Okay, so it wasn't much of a reach. But I thought I'd share it here, since I was so wrapped up in cooking and plating that I forgot to take the pictures I'd planned to Flickrize.

  • Salad of field greens with tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, Nueske's bacon, and a little spritzy Caesar-ish dressing that was far too mild
  • Baked eggplant parmigian, with a mix of Italian-seasoned and panko breadcrumbs
  • Spaghetti with (from a jar) tomato and spinach sauce

The eggplant is old hat in our household, but the panko was a new touch. Crunchy without being tough. It was tasty. Next time, though, I'm going to be more ambitious and make my own tomato sauce. And do a scratch oil-and-vinegar dressing. And probably make more bacon so I can have more than one slice during cooking.