I finally made my first trip to Sucre on the Capitol square last night. Woulda been there a few days sooner, for the Urban Mafia meeting, but Tuesdays are rough for me (sorry, Megan!). This place nicely fills a vacancy in the Madison food/leisure scene, as it's open almost to bar time on the weekend and features a relaxed atmosphere with high-end food and drink offerings.

Dimly lit and sparsely decorated, Sucre is a very mod joint. The prices are often bemoaned, but for the size and quality of dessert, I don't think it was unreasonable at all. But don't go by the website. Either the prices are different for weeknights, or they've been changed on-site since the online menu was last updated.

We got an opera torte and a playfully unauthentic Sacher torte, and both were wonderful. With the late hours accomodating our night owl tendencies, Kristine and I intend to get there more often, even if we aren't wine drinkers. I hope the Madisonians reading this do the same; the place was empty as a tomb on Easter Sunday when I was there. Get out the dollar!