More shout-outs

This week's international shout-outs:

Lazio (Rome), Italy: Once again, a foreign Google search on keywords related to animal cruelty and National Geographic brought someone to my site. Sorry I wasn't what you were looking for!

Victoria Point (Queensland), Australia: Same deal. Amazing!

Brampton (Ontario), Canada: Thanks for reading the Top Chef recap. Other than my regular column, the recaps are easily the most fun I'm having in writing right now. I hope you didn't come here hoping to read good things about your hometown girl, Lisa. She's a horrible woman!

La Paz, Boliva: Come back soon, once you catch your breath from the short visit (did the rest of you know that La Paz is the world's highest altitude capital city?).

Espoo, Finland: Stick around and read some more LOST stuff next time!

Also, a hearty American how-do to Rhode Island, the District, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and Delaware ("I want to visit a screen door factory!"). Come back often, it soothes my ego.