David Bacco Chocolats is now open!

As of Tuesday, May 20th, David Bacco's exceptionally wonderful chocolates can be bought at his very own shop at Hilldale in Madison.

Bacco, as you may or may not know, was the in-house chocolatier for the much-beloved CocoLiquot restaurant. I gave his work short shrift in the review I posted back in November, but I'm here to remedy that mistake.

I'll try to get a picture posted here tomorrow, but I'm gonna come clean: half of the box of eight chocolates didn't make it home from Hilldale. The boxes, by the way, are beautiful. And not just beautiful, but profitable too; if you bring your box back for a refill, you'll get 10% off! UPDATE: The 2- and 4-piece boxes are a more mundane cardboard and slightly more robust cardboard, respectively. But the 8-piecer, and probably larger, are the really nice magnetic-clasp, fabric-lined jobs. Purty!

Please get there, and buy lots of chocolates. They're more modestly priced than they were at CocoLiquot, and would be a bargain at twice the price. They're beautiful, they're tasty, and they're locally made! Can't beat it.

(not that Candinas and Gail Ambrosius aren't awesome in their own right)