Yeah, but how soon is "soon"?

I was just talking about Restaurant Muramoto and the former CocoLiquot over this last weekend. Foron Rosemary posted a question on TDPF wondering the same, and it got me thinking again.

If you clicked on the link for CocoLiquot above, you'd see the following message:

Cocoliquot Restaurant is closed for kitchen renovations and will re-open as the new Restaurant Muramoto this spring.

You can contact the office or reach Chocolatier and Pastry Chef David Bacco through our email at

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you at Restaurant Muramoto soon.

CocoLiquot closed within a few days of the end of February. The signage hasn't been taken off the windows, and the chairs haven't even visibly moved. I know spring is barely done springing, but really. How long is it gonna take?

We could have had at least another month of CocoLiquot, if it was going to move at this pace all along.