It was with extreme glee that I, after learning about the practice on a local message board, discovered that my front right tire had been bled overnight.

On my window was a small, inexpensively reproduced sign.

Now, I live on a very liberal street in a very liberal city. Most of the cars parked here overnight are Subarus, Toyotas, Nissans, and the occasional Mazda. There are very few pickup trucks, very few sports cars, and the few vans are often used in the service of the small natural bakery next door.

So you'd have to understand my frustration, and the frustration of many more people in my larger neighborhood, at having our cars singled out for a demonstration in favor of energy conservation and environmentalism.

This was part of a larger enviro-vandalism effort. I'm not going to link it, but it's called Fossil Fools Day. Witty. Too bad they picked the most conservation-conscious neighborhood in the city to fuck with. I hope the news reporting on this highlights how stupid and self-damaging this little stunt was.

By the way, a couple very friendly guys from down the street had a compressor and refilled at least three cars' tires, including mine. They also helped out a guy who ran his tire off the rim trying to drive to a gas station (whose air pump had a bad coin jammed in the slot...funny thing), and needed to get jacked up to install his spare.

Unlike the douchebags who did the tire bleeding, the guys with the compressor and my fellow victims of vandalism actually helped to enhance the community spirit and create the kind of environment that engenders respect, not immaturity.