LOST thoughts

I just want to put these down on "paper," and I'll make them prettier later. They refer to the most recent episode of LOST, "Ji Yeon."

Okay, so the axe embedded into the exterior wall of the Kahana (see Dark UFO screencaps page) is freaky as hell. That, combined with the "problems" in the kitchen and the seemingly-fresh suicide spatter in Sayid and Desmond's room, seems to point to a very disturbed cook.

Two references pop up there.

1) The Hunt for Red October. The spy on the Red October, who tries to subvert the Soviet captain's defection to the US, was posing as a cook. Submarines are very important in LOST, as is the theme of defection. Plus, in the film Below, ghosts pound on the hull of the submarine, causing eerie banging noises. Familiar? To top if off, Gault has a book on U-boats and the Soviet Navy on his shelf.

2) The 1914 murders at Taliesin, the home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Perpetrated by a cook, using an axe. His motives have gone unexplained, even through his incarceration. He died of starvation. Freaky, no?