Red Robin to Hawaii: "Ohhhh, me so solly!"

You know Red Robin. They're the purveyors of gigundor burgers and bottomless steak fries. They trumpet their Whiskey River BBQ burger. Burger excess--to an embarrassing level--is kind of their thing.

Something dawned on me this morning. I happened to see a commercial for Red Robin, and it featured the Banzai Burger. It's teriyaki-marinated, topped with a thick pineapple slice in addition to the usual accoutrements.

Now, I know that there are some superficial similarities and connections between Hawaii and Japan. Islands, in the Pacific, cultural exchange, volcanic activity, and OH YEAH JAPAN BOMBED HAWAII IN AN AIRBORNE VARIANT OF A BANZAI ATTACK.

I know it was, like, a thousand years ago, but
jeez. Not too surprisingly, they have no Hawaii locations.