LOST - Who are the Oceanic 6?

If you watched the season premiere of LOST (and if you didn't, shame on you!), you know that at least six people from the Island make it back to the Real. We've only met three so far, but the pacing of this season promises an early reveal.

The three we've met so far are Jack (he of the furry woodland creature), Kate (all glammy and doting) and Hurley (still fat, still crazy, still in love with Charlie).

Back on 1/15, I posted my theory of LOSTie survival on The Lost Community. So far, it's holding up. It's about the promo shot for the pre-Season 4 clip show (here). It's sort of my cryptoquip theory of LOST survival. Here is a re-post, for posterity:


We know that Jack and Kate survive to make it back to the mainland. They are both standing, with primarily their right arms visible. We also know that, according to Desmond, Charlie's sacrifice earned Claire rescue. So let's say that standing figures survive.

Standing figures facing to the right of the photo (or their left) get rescued. Standing figures facing to the left of the photo, then, could reasonably be expected to be left behind.

Seated figures, then, must die, although the place they die could still be determined by the direction they face.

The characters with conflicted posture are Locke, Desmond and Sun. Locke's connection to the Island is such that would could expect a strange continued relationship there, spanning a wide distance. Desmond's time fluctuations might add a level of complexity to his fate. And Sun does in fact represent two individuals in this photo, so the fate of her child is unknown.

In summary:

RESCUED, SURVIVE: Hurley, Claire, Kate, Jack, Juliet, Desmond (?)
?: Locke


The main complication is the fact that Ben, Juliet and Desmond weren't on Oceanic 815. Perhaps Rose and Bernard fill in the 6, or Claire's baby. Time will have to tell.