Cheap cheese (a callback)

If you've been with me from the beginning, you might remember a little blog post back in June 2005 about Bravo Farms chipotle cheddar. Back then, I gave you a link to an online retailer that sold it in half-pound blocks.

I have to say that, in retrospect, I did you a disservice. The shipping at the previously linked store was approximately $30 for a $10 block of cheese. (gasp)

Nevertheless, I post this to tell you that I finally got off my digital buns and ordered some chipotle cheddar, directly from Bravo Farms. This paid off in three ways.

First, the purchase resulted in a block of really, really good cheese. Second, Bravo only charges $10 per pound instead of the $20 that the aforementioned wholesaler charges. Third, and this is the kicker...they shipped it free.

So please, put aside the fact that the California cheese commercials are insufferable, insulting, and just plain wrong. Hit up Bravo Farms for some chipotle cheddar, and you will not regret it.