The Banana Split Personality

This is my attempt at a classy dessert, pretty much on the fly.

It turned out pretty tasty, but definitely needs fine tuning. It's also not something that works well for pre-prep, or on a mass scale. It's kind of a made-to-order thing. Good for at-home dinner dates.

It's basically a classed-up version of a banana split (I took to calling it Banana Split Personality, but that's pretty derivative).

This is not in order of operation. Some steps take longer, others need to be done last.

Bananas(slightly underripe), sliced lengthwise, sauteed in butter and dark rum, with the seeds of one vanilla pod stirred in. Throw the pod into the pan for a little extra kick.

Once the bananas are done, add a little more rum and some caster sugar to the pan and reduce. Keep warm, set aside.

Cook down a cup or two of raspberries (fresh or frozen) with a tablespoon or so of sugar, stirring regularly. Force the mixture through a mesh strainer (although I threw some of the raspberry seeds back into the sauce just because I like raspberry seeds). This can be used warm or chilled.

Combine a standard package of mascarpone with the seeds from two vanilla pods and caster sugar, to taste. Whip the dickens out of it, and chill.

Bananas go in the dish; whipped vanilla mascarpone replaces both ice cream and whipped cream; drizzle raspberry sauce and rum caramel sauce over the top; you could even do the irritating Emeril "sprig-of-MINT" thing at the end, but I hate that.

It's pretty tasty, but is still a work in progress.

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