A food review for the ages!

Hyperbole aside, I was looking for my review of CocoLiquot on TheDailyPage Forum, and the thread has disappeared. I dunno why. But anyway, I found it in Google's cache, and thought I'd preserve it here. The meal we experienced was during the Madison Restaurant Week, a limited-menu expeditionary dining promotion.


Setting the scene...we were a party of four, seated a little slowly (probably 10 minutes after our reservation). We were informed that not only had they run out of the whitefish that was listed on the menu, and not only had they also run out of the mahi mahi that's on the regular menu, but their dessert options were also totally different than what's listed on the website. Oof.

Desserts were a duet of tarts (apple with cinnamon ice cream and lemon meringue), citrus parfait with a bunch of various fruit media piled in there, and a chocolate banana-praline torte. The fish was replaced by their sausage entree, but at the last minute, an emergency shipment of eight servings of mahi mahi was helicoptered in from Restaurant Magnus, and the day was saved.

The romaine salad suffered from a bit of prepared-too-far-in-advance-itis, and was a little wilty. Totally inoffensive otherwise. The onion soup, on the other hand, was the starter standout. The Roth Kase cheese was the star.

We were told by the server that the hanger steak is something of a specialty of CocoLiquot. If you're not married to filet mignon, do give hanger steak a try. It's noticeably different in preparation and in consistency, but it was very, very tasty. Cooked on the rare side of medium rare, but with a nice char on the surface, and sliced, it was no-need-for-a-knife tender. The pommes frites (with the accompanying aioli) were great. The mahi mahi was a nice piece of fish; the ladies at the table weren't charged extra for going off the rez.

I was sad to see the desserts changed, because I was jonesing for the bittersweet chocolate cake, and the little lady was hoping for a creme brulee. However, the banana torte was good (more bitter--in a good way--than I would have expected for a milk chocolate dessert), and the duet of tarts were solid if not spectacular. The citrus parfait certainly looked cute as it walked by toward other tables.

Add a couple carafes of wine and some chocolates for the road, and the two and a half hours we spent there were well worth it.